The Glass Blowing Art in Murano Shines on Home Decor Accessories

It is known, that glass blowing of home decor accessories has already been mastered by the Phoenicians, Syrians and Egyptians many centuries ago. However Venice and specifically the island of Murano occupies an outstanding place in the world still today when glass blowing is even only mentioned.

Originally all the furnaces were located in Venice. In 1291 they were moved to the island of Murano, making it the headquarter for the finest handmade glass in the world. The glass masters did not only improve their skills, but also studied new techniques.

Thanks to the influence of the Byzantine craftsmen, who had fled from Costantinople -one of the most important center for the glass blowing art- in 1204 when it was sacked by the fourth crusade and again in 1453 when the city was taken by the Ottomans and who have settled in Venice supplying Murano with more glassworkers.

The craftsmen did not only exchange their knowledge with the local ones, but also challenged each other in order to always improve their work giving rise to a variety of decorative techniques. Therefore they did not only play with a variety of colors, which the silica combined with different metal oxides allowed and the different transparencies of the glass, but also with different manufacturing techniques.

In some cases the techniques can be combined. Not all glass masters perform all of them, some are specialized in certain techniques, others in others. However what is important, that still today the glass blowing art of Murano still shines on home decor accessories. It is therefore our task, duty and pleasure to let the world know about it.

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