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What is Murano Glass? The 10 Main Elements

What is Murano Glass? A question that is often asked, but not always answered.

Many people have heard of Murano glass and know that it is a product of Italy that is found on the Isle of Murano, just north of Venice. It is specifically treated to create highly prized glass objects. Colorful and unique, Murano glass is manufactured by skilled Murano glassmakers.

Authentic Murano glass comes only from Italy, it is high in clarity, with vibrant colors that appear to have an inner glow. Glass products range from crystal clear, to vibrant reds, blues, and yellows. Genuine Murano glass objects are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

But really what is Murano Glass? Some elements have to be present to ensure its authenticity. It was so in 1292, when all the furnaces were moved from the main island of Venice to Murano and it is so still today. Nothing has changed in the last centuries and never will if it is autthentic Murano glass you are looking for.

Coming to “what is Murano glass” and the 10 main elements, here is what it is all about (have also a look at the video above to fully visualize these elements):

1. Sand: in every furnace you will find loads of sand as it is the main material from which glass is created;

2. Metal Oxides: they are added to the sand according to secret recepies in each furnace to generate different colors and consistencies;

3. Fire: it melts down the sand compositions at high temperatures and gives rise to a liquid paste:

4. Water: is necessary during the work process to cool off;

5. Blow Pipes: are the main tools to shape the glass;

6. Moulds: are often used to give a first or repeated shape to the blown glass;

7. Scissors: are used to cut off the glass in excess;

8. Tweezers: another main tool to shape the glass;

9. Hands: are essential when it comes to manuality and shaping;

10. Murano Glass Master: the absolute “main element” in the entire process, who really makes the difference.

Now you should be able to give an answer, when asked: “What is Murano glass?”

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