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Murano Glass Fakes

Authentic Murano Glass Vase by NasonMoretti

Murano Glass is quite popular around the world. This century old art is highly fascinating. It continues on the island of Murano even nowadays the same way it was performed in Venice before 1291. It was the year when all furnaces were moved from Venice to the island of Murano, because of the fire fears. Too many times the city had caught fire because of the furnaces.

Murano glass is so popular, that it is copied in many parts of the world. Many American artists moved to Venice in order to learn this ancient art directly from the Murano glass masters. However most of them who returned to the US manufactured glass according to the techniques they had learned, but never put them on sale pretending they were authentic Murano glass items.

China seems to be among the countries with the highest amount of Murano glass fakes, they continue to produce them and sell them everywhere as authentic. You can even find loads of them on E-bay, starting from $0.99 on. Normally it is quite easy to detect them, they include vases, paperweights, bowls, flowers, purse and handbag vases, candy, icicles, candle holders, hats, birds, clowns, animals, sailboats, perfume bottles, and much more. ­­­­

Of course there are many Murano glass furnaces who also produce these kind of items, therefore sometimes it can be confusing if you are not an expert to distinguish the fakes from the real. If you go on E-bay you will find following warning, that should help you as a rule of thumb:

“Real Murano Glass is Expertly Executed – with Fine Details, Superb Lines and Elegant Quality Glass.  Pieces from China are often crudely made, lacking finesse, sometimes lopsided, and have numerous noticeable flaws and gross imperfections.”

Authentic Murano Glass Vase by Simone Cenedese

However if you want to be absolutely sure, that the glass you buy from an e-store to be 100% authentic Murano Glass you should also check brands, like for example Simone Cenedese or NasonMoretti. These are real companies with recognizable faces and official web pages. You can even find videos of them on Youtube. Just know for example, that Simone Cenedese is one of the youngest Murano glass masters on the island of Murano, who performs every day in his furnace.

There is an interesting debate going on within the furnaces: if to consider authentic Murano glass also the items produced by those companies, that due to the high transport costs on the island have decided to move their furnaces to the main land right in front of Venice. They have spent their lives in Murano learning the ancient art and had to make a choice: either close their company or continue their activities by reducing their costs. The easy way would have been to produce in China, nevertheless they were wiser and just moved their company a few miles out of Murano. So maybe they deserve some credit.

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