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Murano Glass and Tumi Bags

Tumi Bags and Murano Glass what an interesting connection. On one hand modern luxury items by excellence, like traveller bags, on the other traditional ones, like a Murano glass chandelier and yet living in perfect harmony like ebony and ivory.

In 2008 Tumi commissioned K enneth Park Architects to provide architectural and retail consulting services overseeing the construction of over 20 flagship stores and the 1,500 square foot New York City showroom. The brand Tumi wanted to open not only across America, but also in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East in 2009 and beyond.

Why Kenneth Park Architects, who have a strong commitment to excellence in design, functionality, and innovation, have picked Murano glass and precisely a red Murano glass chandelier is not officially known. Nevertheless it can easily be guessed considering Tumi’s legendary blend of modernism and timelessness through design.

Red Murano Glass Chandeliers at Marunouchi Tumi Store in Tokyo Japan

Even though a red Murano glass chandelier might be considered a traditional item by excellence, fitting it into a modern Tumi store created perfect harmony, reflecting the concept of creating spaces that are contemporary and vibrant, yet conventional, traditional and fully practical.

A wall of windows, which makes up the storefront, attracts customers into the shop, nevertheless using Murano Glass has been a wise move to attract even more, considering that a red Murano glass chandelier can only be an attraction pole among many black leather bags, Tumi’s landmark.

Without forgetting to say something about the beauty and preciousness of red Murano glass. K enneth Park Architects could have chosen a Murano glass chandelier in any other color, for instance black or crystal for example .But when it comes to Murano glass production red Murano glass is the most difficult color to produce as gold is added to the sand blend and therefore it is also the most precious and expensive one. Red was really a must and the best choice for the murano glass chandelier.

The dramatic and whimsical Murano glass chandeliers add a traditional finish to the Tumi stores modern interior, find out about the one opened last week in Oregon!

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