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Why Should You Consider Murano Wine Glasses?

Murano Wine Glasses by NasonMoretti from the Burlesque Bourgogne Collection

Wine and anything related to it is quite popular almost on any market around the world and even Murano has its share in it. Have you ever considered purchasing Murano Wine Glasses instead of the usual famous crystal glasses? Why should you even consider them?

Just to list a few here are the main features, that should contribute to your choice:

1)    Quality: the art of glassmaking in Murano can be traced all the way back to the 10th century, therefore allowing the glass masters to refine their art over the years perfecting it to such a point that quality has become an intrinsic feature. Every imperfection is taken care of during the handmade process and nothing is overseen nor left to chance.

2)    Uniqueness: every single Murano wine glass is handmade and each one is slightly different from the other contributing to its uniqueness. Mass products, which are made in thousands to save costs, time and labor will never be able to compete with such beautiful outstanding art works.

3)    Variety: among Murano wine glasses you will be able to find traditional classic ones, very often with gold rims as well as modern ones with or without stem. There is no limitation in colors, you could have any existing color on earth as long as you are willing to purchase quantities or to wait that the desired color is in the oven in the furnace.  Furthermore size is not a problem either, almost everything can be customized. Even though you already have a great choice among available existing glasses. You can look for white wine or red wine glasses, champagne flutes or cups.

4)    Elegance: the beauty of these glasses is that do not only serve a specific purpose, which is to taste, drink and enjoy your wine with your friends, but at the same time they can be used to decorate your home. You can choose from a variety of styles, designs and colors in order to suit your taste or the ambiance in the room you placing them in. You can really astonish your guests if next to the glasses you also place a pitcher or decanter.

Because of all the fakes on the market, the only advice is to make sure you find authentic Murano glass from a trusted source: what a pity if you would serve your wine in glasses that you have purchased as Authentic Murano Wine Glasses and they are not!



Make Murano Glass Shine in Your Home

If you are looking for authentic Murano Glass it is obvious, that the best thing to do is to directly go to a furnace on the island of Murano, Venice. Many furnaces allow you to watch while the glass masters are crafting different pieces. You can wander from one furnace to the other and then to the next and spend your entire day learning more on this fascinatingancient art of Murano glass making.

Sometimes you might even get confused because of the too many options you are offered. Furthermore the rumors about the Chinese invasion of fake Murano glass products even on the island of Murano seems not be just a rumor anymore: every now and then the customs office in Venice blocks containers of Murano glass products directly arriving from China.  But this happens only every now and then, the question is how many actually do reach the island of Murano and Venice?

Nobody really knows. So to stay on the safe side it is better to look for the historical furnaces, the brands, the ones, that have names and faces. But how can you choose when you are unable to go to Murano and have to rely on the internet? When you are really interested in making Murano glass shine in your house?

Authentic Murano Glass made by Simone Cenedese

If you put two products next to each other, one made in China and the other one really made in Murano according to the authentic ancient techniques, you will see a great difference. Most of the products, that are made in China are machine made, therefore they are all identical. Furthermore most of them do not have several layers of glass, therefore they lack the shininess, which is typical of authentic Murano glass pieces.

Sure this can be easily done when you are on the spot. You can go through the different shops and train your eye to find these differences. You can even buy some of the cheaper pieces, that according to you show these differences, take them home with you and then observe them closer. But that still does not solve your problem when you want to buy Murano glass on an e-shop. Everybody knows, that pictures can look a lot better than reality does.

The advice is the same as before: to look for the historical furnaces, the brands, the ones, that have names and faces, that have web pages and appear on youtube. Real people from Murano talking about their furnace with passion, glass masters that appear on the video while they are working in their furnace like for example Simone Cenedese and NasonMoretti who perfectly match this description. You can make Murano glass shine in your home even if you buy on the Internet now.



Murano Glass Fakes

Authentic Murano Glass Vase by NasonMoretti

Murano Glass is quite popular around the world. This century old art is highly fascinating. It continues on the island of Murano even nowadays the same way it was performed in Venice before 1291. It was the year when all furnaces were moved from Venice to the island of Murano, because of the fire fears. Too many times the city had caught fire because of the furnaces.

Murano glass is so popular, that it is copied in many parts of the world. Many American artists moved to Venice in order to learn this ancient art directly from the Murano glass masters. However most of them who returned to the US manufactured glass according to the techniques they had learned, but never put them on sale pretending they were authentic Murano glass items.

China seems to be among the countries with the highest amount of Murano glass fakes, they continue to produce them and sell them everywhere as authentic. You can even find loads of them on E-bay, starting from $0.99 on. Normally it is quite easy to detect them, they include vases, paperweights, bowls, flowers, purse and handbag vases, candy, icicles, candle holders, hats, birds, clowns, animals, sailboats, perfume bottles, and much more. ­­­­

Of course there are many Murano glass furnaces who also produce these kind of items, therefore sometimes it can be confusing if you are not an expert to distinguish the fakes from the real. If you go on E-bay you will find following warning, that should help you as a rule of thumb:

“Real Murano Glass is Expertly Executed – with Fine Details, Superb Lines and Elegant Quality Glass.  Pieces from China are often crudely made, lacking finesse, sometimes lopsided, and have numerous noticeable flaws and gross imperfections.”

Authentic Murano Glass Vase by Simone Cenedese

However if you want to be absolutely sure, that the glass you buy from an e-store to be 100% authentic Murano Glass you should also check brands, like for example Simone Cenedese or NasonMoretti. These are real companies with recognizable faces and official web pages. You can even find videos of them on Youtube. Just know for example, that Simone Cenedese is one of the youngest Murano glass masters on the island of Murano, who performs every day in his furnace.

There is an interesting debate going on within the furnaces: if to consider authentic Murano glass also the items produced by those companies, that due to the high transport costs on the island have decided to move their furnaces to the main land right in front of Venice. They have spent their lives in Murano learning the ancient art and had to make a choice: either close their company or continue their activities by reducing their costs. The easy way would have been to produce in China, nevertheless they were wiser and just moved their company a few miles out of Murano. So maybe they deserve some credit.


Murano Glass by NasonMoretti – Part 3

This time Piero Nason guides you through his furnace, explaining how Murano Glass is made.

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Murano Glass by NasonMoretti

When talking about Murano Glass it is a must to mention NasonMoretti when it comes to drinkware and vases. Today Piero Nason, a member of the Nason family, is successfully running the company despite the difficult times. His grandfather was a Murano Glass Master working for others, but in 1923 he started working for himself.

The first drawing of 1923, that Piero Nason found in his grandfather’s archives is actually of a small “modern” table lamp, that he still produces today in a bigger version. The furnace was originally run by the Nason family along with their cousins from the Moretti family, who then left in the 50s.

During the 2nd World War, because of a shortage and in some cases lack of raw materials, NasonMoretti had to study special solutions with what was available. Those were the years when most of the handmade Murano Glass items were either in black or red.

1955 was an important year for NasonMoretti. With the Collection Lidia they won the “Compasso D’Oro”, an important Italian Design Award given to them because of their outstanding vocation for artistic research and experimentation with new forms and modeling techniques. The collection was designed by Umberto Nason and is made of a series of twin-color drinking glasses and small bowls, still available today.

Burlesque Modern Murano Glass Collection - Typical Example of Multicolors Available

The innovation here was to try something new by inverting the traditional way of combining the transparent glass, which normally was outside and the milkglass (mat), which normally was inside. Therefore Lidia was not only a rather modern shape for 1955, but the tansparent glass was put inside and the milkwhite outside.

Between the 50s and 70s most of the drinkware was made of transparent glass, adding stripes, textures on the surface or gold, while the big color explosion came after the 70s. Many colors, but not only, many tonalities of the same colors giving rise for example to more than 10 different greens, 8 different blues and so on.

Even now in the fragile economy NasonMoretti continues to produce everything by hand, continuing the Murano Glass tradition both with modern and classic styles items. Piero Nason was recently interviewed in his showroom in Murano by Italgrandtour.

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