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Murano Glass by NasonMoretti

When talking about Murano Glass it is a must to mention NasonMoretti when it comes to drinkware and vases. Today Piero Nason, a member of the Nason family, is successfully running the company despite the difficult times. His grandfather was a Murano Glass Master working for others, but in 1923 he started working for himself.

The first drawing of 1923, that Piero Nason found in his grandfather’s archives is actually of a small “modern” table lamp, that he still produces today in a bigger version. The furnace was originally run by the Nason family along with their cousins from the Moretti family, who then left in the 50s.

During the 2nd World War, because of a shortage and in some cases lack of raw materials, NasonMoretti had to study special solutions with what was available. Those were the years when most of the handmade Murano Glass items were either in black or red.

1955 was an important year for NasonMoretti. With the Collection Lidia they won the “Compasso D’Oro”, an important Italian Design Award given to them because of their outstanding vocation for artistic research and experimentation with new forms and modeling techniques. The collection was designed by Umberto Nason and is made of a series of twin-color drinking glasses and small bowls, still available today.

Burlesque Modern Murano Glass Collection - Typical Example of Multicolors Available

The innovation here was to try something new by inverting the traditional way of combining the transparent glass, which normally was outside and the milkglass (mat), which normally was inside. Therefore Lidia was not only a rather modern shape for 1955, but the tansparent glass was put inside and the milkwhite outside.

Between the 50s and 70s most of the drinkware was made of transparent glass, adding stripes, textures on the surface or gold, while the big color explosion came after the 70s. Many colors, but not only, many tonalities of the same colors giving rise for example to more than 10 different greens, 8 different blues and so on.

Even now in the fragile economy NasonMoretti continues to produce everything by hand, continuing the Murano Glass tradition both with modern and classic styles items. Piero Nason was recently interviewed in his showroom in Murano by Italgrandtour.

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