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Venetian Glass Home of Authentic Murano Glass. Here you can find information, curiosities, news and much more about glass drinkware, home decor accessories, murano lighting, Murano art glass and customized items all directly from Venice Murano Italy.
Now NEW Wedding Champagne Flutes and Wedding Champagne Glasses.
Enjoy the Italian Lifestyle Starting Out in Murano Venice!

Wedding Champagne Flutes Made of Venetian Glass

Wedding Champagne Flutes Excess - Venetian Glass by NasonMoretti

Wedding Champagne Flutes Excess – Venetian Glass by NasonMoretti

Wedding champagne flutes and champagne glasses made of Venetian glass can be a trendy affair.

Your Special Day is approaching and you are getting ready to make it the most memorable day in your life. The excitement is great, you have taken care of everything. The date and the venue are set, your guest list is completed. You have taken care of the photographer, band, florist and caterer as well. You got your dress, shoes, hair dresser booked. You have agreed on rings, cake and honeymoon… You are ready to dream… but…

You have not yet chosen your Wedding Champagne Glasses!

Champagne glasses are a must at every wedding.

Wedding Champagne Flutes Giulia . Venetian Glass by NasonMoretti

Wedding Champagne Flutes Giulia . Venetian Glass by NasonMoretti

Don’t worry you can really stand out of the crowd now by giving free room to simple elegance and restrained luxury. You can get truly one-of-a-kind toasting flutes masterpieces, all handmade of Venetian glass by masters in Murano, Italy.

Make your traditional toast the most outstanding moment at your wedding by choosing the everlasting wedding champagne flutes in harmony with your style. Give the extra touch so that it is not only memorable for you, but for all your guests, friends, relatives and whoever comes to your wedding.

Champagne glasses made of Venitian glass are everlasting because they are not only venerable timeless beauties, but also ideal to use later for all special family occasions, including your 50th Wedding Anniversary and will surely become treasured keepsakes for your offsprings.

You can personalize them by engraving your names and date to remember forever your special day in an elegant way, putting it on the bottom like it is done with every Venetian glass signature piece, an old tradition which has been handed down from the Venetian glass masters over the centuries.

And more, if you have not yet made up your mind on your groomsmen gifts you can easily find among the wedding champagne glasses you are going to select for yourself also the right champagne glasses for them. You can get the same style but a different color or the same color but a different style. Or if you prefer something slightly different you can find wine or liquor glasses belonging to the same collections.

Venetian Glass Collection Giulia Sandra Giorgia by NasonMoretti

Venetian Glass Collection Giulia Sandra Giorgia by NasonMoretti

If you want to overdo it to really impress your guests you can get entire coordinated collections handmade of Venetian glass not only  champagne glasses, but also murano wine glasses, water glasses, small and big bowls, pitchers and wine decanters. And because all of them are individually handcrafted using centuries-old glass blowing techniques, no two items are exact matches for size and color. This ensures that not only your wedding champagne flutes, but any other item you might add are truly one-of-a-kind masterpieces

It is important to prepare for your special day taking care of the details. The little things – a smile, a gesture, a simple thought put into action – speak volumes in all the specials occasions of your life. Don’t get cheap or plastic wedding champagne flutes.

When choosing your wedding champagne glasses look for the right style, select a color that expresses your deepest feelings, personalize them by engraving names and date and don’t forget to serve the best prosecco the day of your wedding.

If you have not had a chance to see the video “Wedding Champagne Flutes or Wedding Champagne Glasses Reloaded” check it out.



Venetian Glass Why It Is So Important

Venetian glass or Murano glass? What is the difference? Almost everybody has heard of Venice, the beautiful city with canals and gondolas, made of hundreds of islands in North Italy, but not everybody has heard of an island called Murano.

Those who have heard of it associate it with mouth blown glass, the famous “Murano glass”. However calling it “Venetian glass” is not wrong for several reasons. All of the first furnaces in the 10th century were on the main island of Venice and only towards the end of the 13th century were moved. The main island Venice was experiencing fire outbreaks in the city, in order to maintain the glass factories and protect their secret methods for creating the glass, the Doges of Venice decreed that all the glass furnaces be moved to Murano.

Venetian Glass: Murano Art Glass Busto Sommerso by Simone Cenedese

Venetian Glass: Murano Art Glass Busto Sommerso by Simone Cenedese

In the past Murano was an independent “comune”, a city with its own city hall and mayor, but is now a “frazione”, meaning a fraction, of the city of Venice. All the main islands, the five top ones such as Murano, Burano, Torcello, San Michele and Sant’Erasmo, including the hundreds of smaller ones are fractions of Venice and therefore ruled by its city hall.

While the city of Venice is mainly a tourist and trade city, where tons of Venetian glass are sold, each of the top five islands are specialized and therefore associated with a specific aspect or manufacture: Murano with glass, Burano with lace, Torcello with history and first settlements, San Michele is the cemetery of Venice and Sant’Erasmo with agriculture being the largest island in the lagoon, the “Garden of Venice”.

The entire lagoon is a live museum and despite the fact, that more than 15 million tourists visit every year, the ancient Venetian glass art is threatened to disappear. In the past there were thousands of furnaces, today there are only hundreds left and everyday one more might be closing.

On one hand the world crisis affects the islands in the lagoon, on the other hand there is an invasion of fake Venetian glass, mainly made in China, that destroys this beautiful century ancient art.

Why is Venetian glass so important? On the island of Murano there are still authentic Venetians, that believe in their traditions and history and that despite what is happening around them and all odds continue their fight to maintain this beautiful art alive.

They continue to manufacture glass drinkware, home decor accessories, Murano lighting, Murano art glass all according to the authentic Murano glass tradition and now also wedding champagne flutes.


4 Venetian Gondoliers Pay Tribute to The Victims of 9/11

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Venice tribute of the Gondoliers to The Victims of 9/11

Last year on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 the city of Venice was present with 4 gondoliers, Vittorio Orio, Enzo Liszka, Giuseppe Suste and Alberto Fongher paddling their gondola off Great Kills Harbor.

For a team of gondoliers from Venice, each dip of the paddle into the waters around Staten Island came with thoughts about that day, the innocents who perished, and how history changed in its wake.
“When we come here, we feel very sad, very sad,” said Enzo Lizko, one of four rowers who moved the slim black boat about a half-mile out from shore along the southern end of the Island, during the first part of a solemn, two-day trip in tribute to the victims of Sept. 11. “It is something you feel in your heart.”
What great men!

But Vittorio Orio is not new to these kind of actions. Here are some of his past expeditions:

2001 Traverse of the English Channel – Gondola with 2 oars
2003 Traverse of the Strait of Messina – Gondola with 1 oar
2004 from Pola (Croatia) to Venice via Pirano (Slovenia) – Gondola with 2 oars
2007 from Pordenone to Venice along the rivers Noncello and Livenza – Gondola with 1 oar
2007 from Venice to Rome, via sea until Ancona and then along the Tiber (previewed in September 2007) – Gondola with 1 oar
2007 from Albany to New York along the Hudson river (in preparation) – Gondola with 4 oars
2009 from Switzerland Locarno to Italy Milan

This year Vittorio Orio will leave on 13th September from Vienna (Austria) to Budapest (Hungary). 300km on the Danube from Austria, through Slovakia until 18th September when his arrival in Hungary is due. He will not only promote the image of Venice, the gondola and Venetian rowing called “voga veneta”, but his intent is also to draw attention on scientific research of juvenile leukemia. http://bit.ly/QDKhyH

What great man!


See on www.silive.com


Murano Glass Among Venice’s High Society Pics

Murano Glass Bubble Table Lamp by Simone Cenedese

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“I love design, especially glasswork by Laura Diaz de Santillana, and the mirror installations made by her brother Alessandro. There is Venini (San Marco 314), glass blowers in Venice..” says Venice event organizer and designer Matteo Corvino when asked about his favorite designers.

Besides the Venice Biennales and the annual Film Festival, La Fenice Opera House, which are Venice’s landmarks there is always attention for Murano glass.

Venice cannot be considered if you do not take into account Murano glass.Of course there are all kinds of beauties in Venice, the city itself is one of the most fascinating on earth with its contradictions. On one hand it is a live museum and thanks to the over 15 million of tourists every year the city stays alive, on the other hand many “authentic” Venetians complain about the tourists in their city and often are very rude to them.

On one hand authentic Murano glass masters struggling every day to keep their passion and businesses alive, on the other “authentic” Venetians nurturing the business of Murano fakes made in China. It looks like more than 50% of the glass sold in Venice is not authentic anymore!

Despite this nonsense Venice is always a great place to visit, especially when you can follow the advice of an expert as Mr. Corvino concerning things to do and places to go to.
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Venice The Inspiration for This Summer’s Coco Noir Fragrance by Chanel

Gabrielle Chanel in Venice 1936

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Interesting to note how Venice, Murano glass and anything the like inspires world famous artists and creators. Gabriel Chanel came the first time to Venice in August 1920 to mourn the only man she ever loved, Boy Capel, not knowing that this was just the first of many to this fascinating city.

Her journey there did not only help her to recover, but also inspired her to add to her simple and sober style Venetian colors, gold and baroques arabesques: an ode to the Byzantine art, the sense of grandeur.

Venice is a city of many symbols, symbols that resonated in the heart and mind of Mademoiselle Chanel. Deeply superstitious and a firm believer in zodiac signs, she discovered Venice to be a place that reunited them all.

Coco Noir, the new fragrance which was launched this August by Chanel has been inspired by the mysterious and inscrutable Venetian memories of Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel. In 1984 there was the sensual delight called Coco, followed in 2001 by Coco Mademoiselle and now Coco Noir which all perfectly matche the Oriental scents that have been long time characterizing Chanel, since the brand’s founding.

Coco Noir a generous heart that gradually reveals the striking sensuality of rose, with delicate accents of geranium leaf, a burst of bergamotte, patchouli and tonka bean is already available in stores around the world or online .

See on www.beautyinthebag.com


St. Mark Square Murano Glass Showrooms

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Many Murano glass companies have a showroom or second showroom in Venice. Among the authentic ones there are of course also the “fake” ones Made in China. Some of the most prestigious companies have of course chosen to have their second showroom on St. Mark Square or anyway nearby.

It is interesting to notice, that two companies who are one in front of the other on the island of Murano have their second showrooms on the opposite corners of St. Mark Square: one is located at San Marco 1468 Campo San Moisè and the other at San Marco 314 Piazzetta Leoncini, they are respectively Carlo Moretti’s and Venini’s showrooms.

Carlo Moretti was established in 1958 and Venini in 1921, while the first focuses a lot on drinking glasses, Murano wine glasses and vases, the second has a tradition of working with designers from all over the world from different fields coming up with interesting solutions both in the object and lighting fields.

If you happen to be in Venice on St. Mark Square take a look at the Carlo Moretti  and Venini showrooms.
See on www.limonatablog.com


Last Days for Your Murano Wine Glasses

Excess Murano Champagne Flutes by Nason Moretti

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If you want to make your own Murano wine glasses you should go for “Make Your Own Glass Experiences” in Milville, NJ. Even though the summer special June-August on drinking glasses advertises as follows:


“Everything tastes better out of glass!
Those long, hot summer days are coming upon us. These are the days when cool water and iced tea are necessary to keep us revitalized! The refreshing beverages of summer will taste so much more enjoyable out of your own handmade drinking glass! Brave that summer heat and we will help you make your very own usable drinking glass in whatever color you desire! Experience glassblowing first hand, and come away with a souvenir to help keep you cool all season!”


you should let them know, only if you are within allowed drinking age range, that you would prefer to blow a set of Murano wine glasses or Murano champagne flutes, because rather than drinking cool water or iced tea you would prefer to share a cool Prosecco bottle with your friends.

But hurry up because the September-October special is about Pumpkins. To read more about it check also “Make Your Own Glass” by Susan Wallner: http://bit.ly/OVK0dP
See on www.wheatonarts.org


Murano Glass Piglet at Regata Storica

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Also this year the traditional Regata Storica in Venice will take place on 2 September, the 1st Sunday of the month. Murano glass should be present as per tradition with its piglet made by an associated furnace bearer of the “Marchio Vetro Artistico® Murano”.

Until 2002 the prize for the 4th classified team in the men’s category “Champions Regata on Gondolini” was a live piglet, but due to animal protection laws it is now made of Murano glass.

The Regata Storica is one of the most important events in Venice every year and it is divided into two parts:

-it starts with the “Corteo Storico” featuring a procession of typical venetian rowing boats with rowers in costumes in memory of Caterina Cornaro’s welcome in the city back in 1489. She was the queen of Cyprus who abdicated in favor of Venice back then. The procession starts in the Bacino di San Marco, follows the Canal Grande all the way to the Ponte della Costituzione, the “famous” Calatrava bridge, and back all the way to the floating stage in front of Ca’ Foscari, the University of Venice;

-it goes then on with rowing competitions among different age groups and levels with the typical “voga veneta”, a tradition since V century, with no use of helm. There are about seven different regatas with a maximum of nine teams each, all starting in the Bacino di San Marco entering the Canal Grande and following a shorter or longer circuit, but all ending in front of the floating stage. Who arrives first wins the regata. The 1st four teams of each regata get a money prize and the traditional flags, red to the winner, white to the second, green to the third and blue to the fourth plus the Murano glass piglet.

The Regata Storica is not only an important event for the Venetian citizens, but also for the tourists, that every year come from all over the world. If you are interested in participating in this year’s edition live you can purchase your tickets online: http://bit.ly/MBLEkK
See on www.regatastoricavenezia.it


Unusual Murano Glass Animals

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Murano Glass Zoo Lamp Bat


When thinking or talking about Murano glass it is very easy to picture animals, Murano wine glasses or stoppers, in other words small items. Who has been on the island of Murano has probably seen one of the glass masters shaping a small horse or other animal in front of him or maybe a Murano champagne flute.

Because Murano glass is a natural ecological material many designers consider it in their studies on combining the needs of appearance and functionality to ecological requirements, giving innovative and recognizable solutions through a consolidated method of design approach.

It is how ZOOlamps were conceived: wonderful animal shaped like light bulbs made of Murano glass. Each one a unique art work where no two are exactly identical, just like real animals in the wild.

They come in 5 varieties: a parrot, a blowfish, a blunthead pufferfish, a penguin and a bat.You can create your own “zoo” in the house by using them in your rooms, either standing or upside down, especially the bat-shaped lamp.  Or you can hang them together in a cluster or on a chandelier, also rigorously made of Murano glass.
See on inhabitat.com


Another Glass Interpretation Without Murano Glass

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Would you believe that the best way to represent viruses is to use transparent glass? Murano glass would not do, being colors one of its main features.

Luke Jerram, a UK glass artist, who has created a number of extraordinary art projects, has started in 2004 an alternative way of representing viruses by using transparent glass.

We are used to seeing artificially colored viruses as they are represented by the media, but in reality they have no color. They are smaller than the wavelength of light. It is difficult to tell the difference when some images are colored for scientific purposes, and others altered simply for aesthetic reasons.

Photographs of this “new” glass interpretation by Jerram are now widely used in medical journals, text books and media stories and are seen as useful representations of virology within the scientific community.

Because of this impact on the scientific community, Luke Jerram often designs his sculptures  with virologists from the University of Bristol, combining different scientific photographs and models.

His artworks are so outstanding and special that they are often shown in Museum collections around the world, allowing them to be exhibited with works by Damien Hirst, Warhol and Leonardo da Vinci in 2009 at The Mori Museum in Tokyo.
See on www.lukejerram.com

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