Murano Glass Italian Chandeliers and Home Decor

If you love Murano glass you can give a special touch to your house by adding both handmade Italian chandeliers as well as home decor accessories.

Simone Cenedese is an authentic Murano glass master, one of the youngest, offering a wide range of chandeliers as well as a beautiful range of home decor accessories. He produces them himself with his helpers in his furnace and loves to try new techniques, colors and shapes. He is particularly skilled when it comes to one of a kind unique home decor accessories. He gives free room to his skills to create peculiar and beautiful art pieces made according to the oldest glass blowing techniques existing over centuries on this outstanding island.

Pieces like Vela, the Obelisk collection, Busti all have a modern touch even though they follow the old tradition of home decor accessories making when it comes to the techniques. All are handmade and according to the traditional way of Murano glass making. One of the Most “Beautiful” pieces made of Murano glass is “Color Essence”.

Simone Cenedese learned this art in the furnace of his father Giovanni, but from early on he was interested in combining tradition with the taste and needs of modern times. Therefore most of his creations are a perfect fit for designers homes. He always places special attention on finding the right mix between the item itself and the colors. Some of them are offered in a different range of colors, giving a different look to the item itself, thus allowing to please several tastes.

When someone is looking for even more outstanding home decor accessories it might be possible to have a customized color upon demand. Even though costs and delay will increase, it certainly is worth it to have even more “unique” handmade Murano glass item decorating your house.

If you are looking for larger quantities of a specific item it is possible to have it customized in size upon demand and for those who really want to overdo it, even to have a customized design. Just ask for it.

An Oustanding Murano Glass Home Decor Accessory

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