Murano Glass Art

Many people talk about Murano glass art and many think, that is all about beads, jewelry or something of the kind. Only a few know, that there is much more to it then just that.

Murano glass is quite popular, you can even find tons of it on Ebay, but unfortunately only some of the products are authentic, especially when it come to Murano glass sculptures and chandeliers.

But what can really be defined Murano glass art? Yes it is true there are many small artisans, that specialize in making jewelry and small items. They are really skilled and do everything according to the tradition of Murano glass. But they are also the ones, that are the most copied, especially in China. The market and so Ebay is jammed by these “fakes”, therefore also a rather bad reputation.

Is there a way to distinguish good, genuine and true Murano glass from all the rubbish that is on the market? Not all the glass masters are as famous as Dale Chihuly, who has studied Murano glass art on the island itself between the 70s and 80s. And not all of them succeed in doing really oustanding Murano glass pieces.

Murano Glass Star by Simone Cenedese – Picture taken 9th December 2011

Nevertheless there are still some young Venetians, that are interested in this ancient art and that go everyday to their furnace, that was started by their father, grandfather or grand grandfather. They try to give a personal touch to their creations and without neglecting the tradition they add design features to it giving rise to real Murano glass art.

They started small and then dared to work on new concepts and things, sometimes even challenging their own masters. What helped them to continue in a consistent way is their love and passion for Murano glass. And even though the world itself is a rather challenging place right now, while they look around they see lots of their fellows closing their furnaces down, they still continue.

Some of this oustanding Murano glass art can be found on Campo S. Stefano, such as the Murano glass star or Christmas tree by Simone Cenedese.

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