Get Your Murano Glass – Part 3

This time we are staying in Venice at a beautiful small hotel “Cà Gottardi” between the Santa Lucia train station and Rialto close to the Casino. Waiting to get some more Murano glass.

We decide to walk to Fondamenta Nuove to catch the boat to Murano Colonna. But because it is still early, on our way there we make a small detour and briefly stop at Rialto bridge.

Everybody is busy, shops are opening, the boats are unloading their goods: another day starts. We look around and then continue towards Fondamenta Nove, we stop at Rosa Salva, one of the oldest pastry shops in Venice, for an espresso and then we catch our boat to Murano.

Bubble – Table lamp by Simone Cenedese

Today we are after “Vela Specchiata”, a sculpture and “Bubble”, a table lamp both by Simone Cenedese and at NasonMoretti, which is right accross the bridge, we are looking for  Idra, a modern drinkware set and Flowers, a plate made with the Murrine technique.

Again if you cannot follow us to Murano, you can always visit a safe and secure site to get your Murano Glass such as Murano Place.

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