Authentic Murano Glass Drinkware

When thinking about Murano glass the first things, that come into mind are chandeliers and objects. Nevertheless the Murano glass drinkware is not less important. There is a long tradition of drinking glasses production in the furnaces, to such a point, that some have really focused on it and have come up with interesting proposals.

One of the most specialized companies is NasonMoretti, who was founded in 1923 and has become a leader  in the field since the early 50s. Thanks to the great combination between Murano glass’ tradition, elegance, refinement and untiring renewal, NasonMoretti has succeeded in giving a personal touch to whatever creation they have introduced.

In 1955 with the Collection Lidia  they won the “Compasso D’Oro”, an important Italian Design Award given to them  because of their outstanding vocation for artistic research and experimentation with new forms and modeling techniques. The collection was designed by Umberto Nason and is made of a series of twin-color drinking glasses and small bowls, still available today.

Lidia 1955 Authentic Murano Glass Drinkware


Pieces by NasonMoretti can be found at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Corning Glass Museum (NY) and the Kunstmuseum in Duesseldorf (Germany), thanks to the simplicity that has been distinguishing them from the foundation.

The collections are divided into “Classic” and “Modern” and even if someone might automatically associate crystal and gold to the classic ones and colors to the modern ones it is not the case. Thanks to the tireless research and experimentations on colors and traditional techniques NasonMoretti offers crystal, gold and colors on both.

Each piece is signed and numbered becoming a unique collector’s item with a fragment of a past culture in it perfectly matching the contemporary style: this is NasonMoretti’s personal interpretation of “Authentic Murano Glass Drinkware”.

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